Capital Chimney Sweep & Repair

Here at our chimney services company, we strive to be the best provider of chimney services in the Seattle Metro Area. If you need help with your chimney and fireplace, we can offer you high-quality work at the most accessible prices. Our chimney technicians can answer every question you may have, thanks to their dedication and many years of experience. Look ahead to see the chimney and fireplace services we perform.

“Our team has many years of experience in this industry, and we continuously strive to be the best service provider you can hire. We are committed to giving high-quality service at an affordable price. Thanks to our worker’s dedication to their job, we can guarantee that our company’s customer satisfaction is second to none.”

Chimney Sweep

Every chimney generates unwanted buildups over time that make it work inefficiently. Our workers can immediately clear up all the crusty and dangerous creosote and soot accumulation in your chimney while getting rid of any critters that may have a home in the flue. It doesn’t matter the kind of fireplace or chimney you have; contracting our professional chimney sweep service reduces the chance of fire incidents, and we recommend doing it at least once a year.

Chimney Repair

Sweeping and cleaning services are simply maintenance processes to keep your chimney in a functioning state where it works adequately. It’s essential to keep it in working condition as badly circulating fumes can pose health and fire risks. Here at Capital Chimney Sweep & Repair, we offer chimney repair services for the occasion where your chimney deteriorates too much or gets damaged. We can fix the structure of your chimney and devise affordable ways to protect it from further damage.

Chimney Inspection

Getting a chimney inspection by a certified chimney specialist is a crucial investment that makes sure nothing is out of the ordinary with it. It guarantees your safety and lets you know of any problem your chimney may have been developing over time and whether it needs cleaning to continue working correctly. This step is something that many homeowners overlook, but it is a process the National Fire Protection Association recommends doing at least once a year.

Fireplace Replacement

If you’re looking for a company that can install or replace your fireplace without a fuss, then look no further. Many people may think that they can try and perform the installation by themselves, but that isn’t the case. Fireplace installations require you to follow many safety regulations to ensure they are safe. The best way to guarantee a perfect and safe installation or replacement for your fireplace is to hire us.

About Us

Here at Capital Chimney Sweep & Repair, we provide the best chimney and fireplace maintenance service in the Seattle Metro area. If you need any assistance regarding chimney sweep, repair, inspection, or fireplace replacement, you can’t go wrong by hiring us. 

Every worker at Capital Chimney Sweep & Repair is fully certified and trusted to perform any service you require of us in the safest and best way possible. The moment you need to get your chimney or fireplace checked, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the job done by a professional team.